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What Is a Bulging Disc?

The spinal discs are responsible for absorbing shock and preventing two interlocking bones from rubbing against each other. But as a person ages, the discs gradually dehydrate and stiffen. This causes some of them to bulge out of their usual space in the spinal column, resulting in a condition known as “bulging discs.”

A bulging disc is a type of soft tissue injury that has almost the same symptoms as a herniated disc. However, disc herniation occurs when the inner layer of the disc (“nucleus”) pushes out of the torn or damaged part of the tough outer layer (“annulus”). With bulging discs, the annulus isn’t torn; the entire disc is simply deflated enough that it occupies more than its normal space in the spinal vertebra.

Most patients with bulging discs don’t experience symptoms immediately. But when the disc bulges enough and presses against spinal nerves, the patient might feel back or neck pain, weakness, or numbness. If left untreated, bulging discs may lead to sciatica and herniated discs.

New York Pain Care: The Best Center for Bulging Disc Treatments

At New York Pain Care, our team of highly skilled multidisciplinary specialists understands each patient’s injury and pain better than most pain management centers. We’re continuously working to develop safe and effective non-surgical treatments for spine conditions like scoliosis, bulging discs, and more.

Our dedicated staff at New York Pain Care Group offers comprehensive, interventional procedures for alleviating the bulging or herniated disc symptoms. We develop customized treatment plans for each patient so that they may recover quickly. Contact us at (212) 604-1300 to learn more about the best bulging or herniated disc treatment for you.

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Possible Cause and Risk Factors of a Bulging Disc

Bulging discs are the result of the deterioration of the gel in the disc’s center. With less gel in the center, the disc becomes more compressed and bulged. One of the most common causes of bulging discs is degenerative disc disease and other age-related disorders.

Some people are also more susceptible to developing bulging discs more than others. Here are some of the risk factors for bulging discs:

Is a Bulging Disc Preventable?

Complete prevention of bulging discs is difficult because gradual degradation of the discs is only natural. However, a few good habits may slow down its deterioration or prevent its progression into a more severe condition. Here are some of the best practices to take care of the spine and its discs:

Non-Surgical Treatments for Bulging Discs by New York Pain Care

Here at New York Pain Care, patients may find a wide range of treatments for bulging discs. After the patient’s physical exam and other tests, our spine specialist creates nonsurgical treatment plans depending on the severity and location of the affected discs. Here are some of the treatment options we offer:

Are You a Candidate for a Bulging Disc Surgery?

Most patients experience pain relief with just a few weeks of conservative treatment. However, if the severe pain is affecting the patient’s quality of life, the herniated disc doctor might suggest going through a surgical procedure to improve mobility and alleviate the symptoms. You might need a bulging disc surgery if:

During the surgical procedure, the portion of the bulging disc is removed. In severe cases, the entire affected disc might be extracted. Bone grafts are installed to fuse the two vertebrae together.

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Where To Find A Bulging Disc Doctor in Upper West Side: New York Pain Care 

New York Pain Care has clinics in several New York neighborhoods, including Greenwich Village, Midtown, East Brunswick, and the Financial District. If you’re looking for experts on pain management, diagnostics, and rehabilitation for untreated musculoskeletal conditions in the Upper West Side, NY, you can easily schedule an appointment with us. 

Our team of highly-trained, board-certified physicians and medical staff will focus on providing the care you need so you can explore the Upper West Side with ease. As the Upper West Side is home to popular New York landmarks like the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts and Riverside Park, you won’t miss out on the fun after receiving treatment from us. 

Specialists from New York Pain Care can treat any chronic, acute, or sports-related aches, pains, injuries, and other spinal issues. Regain your independence and live without pain. Contact us today to learn more. 

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