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Help for Heel-Wearers with Lower Back Pain in Manhattan

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High heels are the staple of many wardrobes, known for their ability to make a fashion statement and complete an outfit at the same time. Some people collect hundreds of them; they come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, ranging from skyscraper-tall to nearly-flat. Some women wear high heels almost daily, and while those killer heels may look great, they might also be the cause of that killer back pain. If you’re a woman experiencing lower back pain in Manhattan, look no further than your high heels – they could be causing or contributing to the problem.

Few heel-wearers know that wearing high heels, especially for long periods of time, can negatively affect their spine and cause pain in the lower back. There are numerous myths about heels that have spread throughout the ages, claiming that heels improve posture or arches in some way. Little do many heel aficionados know, however, is that those fashionable heels are anything but good for your spine.

Far too many shoe lovers find out that the heels force them to adjust their body’s balance, resulting in foot, leg, knee, ankle, and back problems. Fortunately, we offer much-needed treatment for lower back pain in Manhattan.

High heels can actually flatten your lower back over time, causing immense pain. Being fashionable is not worth your health, but even if you have done some damage with heels, you don’t have to live with that heel-induced pain and agony that keeps you away from work and the things you love. We can help you with your back pain so that you can get back in the swing of things in no time. Contact us today if you need with your lower back pain problems. We know that back pain can be immobilizing, and it can put your life on hold. We want to help you.

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