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Aug 10, 2022

Headache, Dizziness, and Fatigue With Neck Pain: Causes and Treatments

Headaches, when combined with dizziness, fatigue, and neck pain, can have debilitating effects on your body. There is an entire spectrum of effects that affect the physical and mental health of a pati...

Aug 10, 2022

What’s The Best Kind of Pillow for Neck Pain?

Having a proper pillow that supports your neck is extremely important to mitigate neck pain arising from injury, post-operative recovery, or strain on your neck. A good neck pillow can help you sleep ...

Aug 10, 2022

What Causes Lower Back Pain and Hip Pain on One Side?

Lower back pain and hip pain on one side of the body can severely impair your ability to get through the day. Severe pain is definitely a cause for concern and, depending on the cause, may require med...

Aug 10, 2022

What to Do About Upper Back Pain Due to COVID-19

In a world ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus has left many reeling from its effects. COVID-19 isn’t merely a respiratory lung disease; it takes a toll on your musculoskeletal system and ov...

Aug 10, 2022

The Strongest Painkillers for Back Pain

Painkillers are a reliable way of relieving chronic pain in the back and enabling patients suffering from it to get some peace of mind. There are several options in the market that vary greatly on the...

Shot of a young businesswoman experiencing back pain while working in an office Jun 20, 2021

10 Possible Reasons for Lower Back Pain When Sitting

Every year, millions of Americans miss work days because of lower back pain. It’s a common condition caused by several factors, ranging from something as simple as poor posture and strained muscle...

Sportsman suffering from backache at park outdoors Jun 20, 2021

What Causes Lower Back Pain that Radiates Down Both Legs?

Back problems are one of the most frequent complaints to doctors. It’s a common condition that’s usually treated with conservative treatment methods. However, if the lower back pain radiates to ...

unhappy man suffering from pain in back Jun 20, 2021

Should You Get Lower Back Pain Around Your Kidney Checked?

Lower back and neck pain are common complaints among millions of Americans. While the majority of these cases are due to poor posture or muscle strain, back pain is also associated with organ problem...

Happy pregnant woman touching her belly Jun 20, 2021

Is Lower Back Pain Pregnancy Normal?

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to a woman’s body – whether it’s emotional, physical, or hormonal. Many of them also experience pain in different parts of the body, which is why it’s hard t...

Shot of a young woman sleeping with a mask on in bed Jun 20, 2021

Best Sleeping Position for Upper Back Pain Relief

Having a good posture isn’t just limited to standing and sitting straight. The sleeping posture is also extremely important in keeping a healthy spine and avoiding back problems. Sleeping in the ri...

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