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Hip Sprain/Strain

Before you try to figure out how to heal a sprained hip, you need to get a firm diagnosis that indeed you do have a hip sprain and not a hip strain or something more serious. The symptoms of a hip sprain mimic other hip conditions that are prevalent in athletes and others who work out regularly. Leave the diagnosis and proper treatment to sports injury experts who know how to treat a hip sprain effectively. Begin a customized hip sprain recovery plan and learn how to prevent further strains. Call the nearest New York Pain Care office in NYC or northern NJ as soon as possible. Early intervention gives you the best chance at a complete hip sprain recovery.

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Anatomy of hip sprain and strain

New York Pain Care’s pain doctors use a proven approach to evaluate and treat back pain and hip pain with non-surgical procedures. Their New York and New Jersey facilities offer top-of-the-line medical technology that enables your specialist to identify the source of your pain and treat it effectively. Whether your pain comes from a recent accident or a long-term chronic condition, the specialists at New York Pain Care deal with it quickly to get you back to your active lifestyle.

What Causes Hip Sprains and Strains?

Sprains and strains are two different kinds of injuries. A hip strain refers to a muscle tear in your hip, while a hip sprain refers to a ligament injury, usually when that ligament is stretched too far. Common causes for both types of injuries include:

A hip strain may happen quickly, as from a fall. You may also hurt your hips from overuse, which occurs when a muscle weakens over time from repetitive movement. Both sprains and strains usually don’t require surgery.

What Are the Symptoms of a Hip Sprain or Hip Strain?

Depending on the cause of your hip pain, symptoms range from minor to severe. You may notice symptoms that include:

Your pain becomes more severe during physical exercise, but lessens when you rest. If you ignore the pain, you may suffer a loss of mobility. Seek immediate medical attention if you’re experiencing symptoms that include:

New York Pain Care has three offices in New York City’s Financial District, Greenwich Village and Midtown. In New Jersey, find them in East Brunswick, Paramus, Englewood Cliffs, Riverdale and Cranford.

What Are the Treatment Options for a Hip Sprain or Strain?

If your pain doesn’t subside with rest and continues longer than a week, see a specialist. After reaching a diagnosis, your doctor creates a plan for your treatment to alleviate your pain while restoring your range of motion and strength. To treat your condition, you may require invasive treatments such as:

The majority of hip strains and sprains don’t require surgery. If your pain is mild, your doctor may recommend non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or corticosteroid injections.

How Can I Prevent Hip Pain from Recurring?

Not all hip sprains and strains are preventable, but you can take steps to avoid a recurrence, including:

New York Pain Care has been top-rated for treating hip sprains and hip strains for 10 years in a row by Castle Connolly. The top-rated, Harvard-trained pain specialists provide treatments using the latest technologies. They treat hip sprains and strains with:

  1. Advanced pain management. Using advanced medical technology, your doctor provides the best possible interventional spine and pain treatment.
  2. Easy access to appointments. Both morning and evening appointments are available for your convenience when you seek pain treatment in NYC and New Jersey.

Treatment methods for chronic pain range from surgical procedures to non-invasive therapies. You may start with conservative treatments, but you’ll get the most appropriate care for your needs. Your pain doctors apply their knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat a hip sprain or strain. Contact them today for a consultation.

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