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Persistent elbow pain can be as annoying as a toothache and just as agonizing. Before you can receive pain in the elbow relief, however, you need to have a correct diagnosis of the cause. The pain management doctors at New York Pain Care provide medial elbow pain treatment, baseball elbow pain treatment, repetitive motion disorder treatment and elbow tendon injury treatment, as well as healing solutions for other types of elbow injury. Don’t suffer needlessly, call today for an immediate examination.

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Is an Elbow Injury or Elbow Pain Serious?

Anatomy of the Elbow

The elbow joint is a complex synovial hinge joint that allows you to extend and flex your arm. When you damage the joint due to a fall, automotive accident, sports injury, disease or other reason, it leads to elbow pain that affects your ability to do normal activities, including working. Hurting your elbow, therefore — whether it’s damage to the bones, muscles or connective tissues — can be a serious condition.

At New York Pain Care, Dr. Amr Hosny and an experienced team of pain management doctors rely on state-of-the-art medical technology to discover exactly what’s wrong with your elbow so they can provide exceptional elbow pain treatments. Find them at one their three offices in New York City: Midtown Manhattan, Greenwich Village and the Financial District. They also have five more offices in northern New Jersey: Paramus, East Brunswick, Riverdale, Englewood Cliffs and Cranford.

How Can I Hurt My Elbow?

There are many different ways to injure your elbow that can lead to incapacitating elbow pain. These injuries result from repetitive strain during sports or overuse of your elbow muscles at work. Common elbow injuries that require immediate diagnosis and treatment include:

While an elbow injury can happen to anyone at nearly any age, some activities and conditions put you more at risk. Common risk factors for elbow injuries include:

Are There Other Causes of Elbow Pain?

If you haven’t suffered an injury and you’re in pain, you need an accurate diagnosis to identify the condition causing your elbow pain. Some conditions that may be causing your elbow pain include:

Dr. Hosny is a Harvard-trained pain specialist. As a skilled pain management doctor, he examines your elbow and conducts imaging tests to reach a correct diagnosis before starting treatment for elbow pain. Diagnosis is always the first step toward treatment.

What Are the Symptoms of an Elbow Injury?

You may suspect you’ve injured your elbow if you experience such symptoms as:

There’s a wide range of causes of elbow pain. Each requires unique elbow injury treatment. At New York Pain Care, most elbow injuries can be treated successfully without surgery.

Getting Elbow Pain Treatment in NYC

For effective repetitive motion disorder pain treatment and other elbow pain remedies, get an early diagnosis. Delaying a diagnosis can lead to further damage of your elbow muscles, ligaments, bones and support. After reaching a diagnosis, your doctor usually recommends interventional treatment options such as:

Due to the complexity, mobility and function of your elbow, an injury or joint pain requires specialized treatment. Contact the team at New York Pain Care to get elbow injury treatment at one of their eight locations.

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