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Ankle Pain Treatment in NYC | Ankle Injury Specialists New York

When you hurt your ankle or suffer any ankle pain, you can try icing it and keeping it elevated. If these at-home remedies don’t alleviate your pain, you need to seek medical care from a pain management specialist like the highly trained doctors at New York Pain Care. With three offices in Manhattan and five more across northern New Jersey, they provide ankle pain relief while delivering swollen ankle injury treatment to heal the cause of your pain. Call today for a consultation.

What Are the Types of Ankle Pain?

Ankle Pain Treatment NYC
The Ankle Joint

Ankle pain is any discomfort you feel around your ankle. It’s often accompanied by swelling. The most common reason for ankle injury is due to a sprain or strain. Some people, however, do complain of ankle pain even when there’s been no known injury. You can also suffer from referred pain, where another condition causes foot pain, lower back pain or sacrum pain, hip pain or knee pain along with the ankle pain.

Instead of at-home care, seek medical care for your ankle pain. To find ankle pain relief, consult a pain management doctor like the experts at New York Pain Care. Dr. Amr Hosny is a NYC ankle pain specialist who understands how to relieve ankle pain and is available at eight locations, including the Financial District in NYC and Paramus, NJ. In fact, they have three offices in NYC and five more throughout Morris, Union and Bergen Counties in NJ.

How Did I Injure My Ankle?

Your ankle has two joints and five bones that are held together by muscles, ligaments and tendons. When you overstretch or tear a ligament, the result is an ankle sprain. When you hurt your tendons or muscles, you have an ankle strain.

While these types of injuries can happen to anyone, certain activities, lifestyle choices and medical conditions make it more likely that you’ll suffer an ankle injury. Situations that may cause you to seek the best treatment for an ankle injury include:

  • Walking, running or exercising on uneven, hard surfaces
  • Being involved in an accident that results in injuries like a back injury, shoulder injury or elbow injury, along with the ankle injury
  • Having a bad fall that caused an elbow sprain or a hip sprain, along with ankle injuries
  • Suffering a sports injury where your ankle was directly hit
  • Twisting, rolling or rotating your ankle suddenly and inadvertently
  • Experiencing instability in your ankle
  • Getting an infection in the ankle joint

Medical conditions that aren’t necessarily in your ankle can cause ankle pain as well. Whether it’s referred pain or radiating pain, the conditions that cause you to seek ankle tendon pain treatment include:

  • Achilles tendonitis requires back of ankle pain treatment. While runners who have increased the intensity or duration of their exercise sessions are the primary suffers of this ailment, it can strike anyone, especially older adults.
  • The knee condition patellofemoral pain syndrome is caused in a similar manner as Achilles tendonitis.
  • Shin splits happen when you overwork those muscles and tendons. People with this type of injury get inner ankle pain and need front of ankle pain treatment.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome comes from pinched nerves that cause shooting pain and numbness.
  • Arthritis can creep up in any joint in your body, including your ankles. Osteoarthritis in your spine or knee arthritis may also cause ankle pain, especially in sufferers more than 65 years old who have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or Reiter syndrome.

How Can I Prevent an Ankle Injury?

Our New York ankle injury specialist Dr. Hosny and his pain management team may suggest wearing appropriate footwear to provide ample support for your feet. If your shoes are wearing out, especially around the heels, replace them. Running or walking with these rundown shoes on hard surfaces can cause injuries, as the shock is not properly absorbed.

You can try other preventive measures as well. These tips not only prevent ankle injuries, but other injuries as well. Consider:

  • Losing any extra weight that may be causing your chronic back pain
  • Warming up your muscles before any exercise routine
  • Never overdoing it on a run or at the gym; instead, increasing the duration, distance or number of sets gradually
  • Avoiding wearing high heels or minimizing the hours you wear them
  • Not suddenly deciding to run 5K race or take up a sport that requires you to overexert your muscles if you lead a sedentary life
  • Consulting a ankle pain doctor in NYC or physical therapist if you’ve had previous ankle tendon pain treatments

What’s the Best Treatment for an Ankle Injury?

For a swollen ankle injury treatment, Dr. Hosny always recommends icing the area for 10 to 15 minutes every hour until the swelling comes down. For the pain, you should take pain medications such as ibuprofen. Another home ankle pain treatment is to elevate the ankle on pillows while you sit or sleep. You may also consider foot ankle pain treatment options that include:

  • Wearing a brace that helps support the ankle
  • Using compression tape to help with the pain
  • Having trigger point injections that reduce joint and muscle pain
  • Physical therapy to strengthen weak muscles

Most ankle pain and ankle injuries can be treated without surgery by pain management doctors who are equipped with the latest medical technology and the most up-to-date medical knowledge. Dr. Hosny and the team of specialists at New York Pain Care represent your best option for getting the best care. Contact the office nearest you in New York City or northern New Jersey.

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